Garden Club of Darien

Membership Application


For Sponsors:

Prior to proposing a candidate for provisional membership, please be sure to inform them of the details of the process as well as the commitment required of provisionals and active members. The Garden Club of Darien has a very active membership, which is one reason the club is so successful and fulfilling for our members. We hope to attract members who will bring enthusiasm and energy to our organization.

In addition, it is important to invite your candidate to our monthly meetings, social events and other activities as appropriate. They will get to meet members they don't know and possibly run into friends and acquaintances they didn't even know were members of the club. Attending these events will help them gain a good understanding of the workings and offerings of the club and enable them to decide if they think it is an organization with which they would like to be involved. Finally, this will give members a chance to reconnect or get to know those they haven't met before.

Submit a proposing letter to the membership before or by December 1. Contact is Sheryl Lincoln, 205 Brookside Rd at  Cell is 203-520-2489 if you have questions.

Please indicate which members might write seconding letters and two supporting letters.

Download it here

Accepted members will receive notification by mail in early May and should plan to attend the June membership meeting.

Sandy Drimal is also the person to contact if you are changing status in the Garden Club.  If you are planning to resign, please let the Membership Committee know by April 30.  Email or letter is fine.