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Floral Design

 Schedule for 2018 - 2019  Click HERE to download




Floral Design Schedule 2018-2019



Tuesday, September 11 (GCD Meeting)


Coffee Can

Judged Competition


Arrangements with flowers and plant material from your (or a friend’s) garden, in a one pound coffee can painted matte black (we will supply new provisionals with prepared coffee cans), not to exceed 20” high or 18” wide, viewed from all sides. Judging based on 50% floral design and 50% horticultural excellence.


Entries accepted and passed between 8:15-9:00 AM. Entry cards may be downloaded from the GCD website.


October 16 - evening


We will have a Pot-et-Fleur workshop at Nielsen’s. Each person will make a Pot et Fleurs arrangement to take home. We will have wine and cheese. Cost - $65.00



Tuesday, October 9 (GCD Meeting)


No competition



Tuesday,November 13 (GCD Meeting)


Joint meeting with the Garden Club of New Canaan at DCA.


Challenge Class*


Create a Pot-et-Fleur**, not to exceed 18” wide by 18” tall. All materials will be provided, and part or all of each component must be used by the exhibitors in their design. Please bring your clippers. Entrants must arrive at 8:30 sharp: The arrangements will be exhibition only and judged by attendees’ popular vote (voting begins at 9:30 am). Maximum 6 entries per club. Sign-up deadline: October 24th. Pairs are welcome.


*Challenge class:  A floral design class at-the-show; all components, mechanics, containers, plant material, and accessories are supplied by the committee. (Exhibitor brings clippers only.)


**Pot-et-Fleur: A combination of growing plants (in or out of pots) and fresh cut flowers and/or foliage (in water or conditioned so as to last for the duration of the show) assembled in a container.


Tuesday, November 20, 9:00 am


Thanksgiving Arrangement workshop at Betsy Bigler’s house, 19 Sunswyck Rd. Price TBD.






Emily D’Andrea’s annual Holiday Planter Workshop.



Tuesday, December 11 (GCD Christmas Tea)


No Competition



Tuesday, January 8 (GCD Meeting - evening)


No Competition



Tuesday, February 12 (GCD Meeting)


Judged Competition

Persephone (Class 1)

Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld


A design representing both sides of Persephone, not to exceed 32” wide, no height restriction, viewed from 3 sides.



Tuesday, March 12 (GCD Meeting)


No Competition





Peggy Moore will lead a workshop on suspended floral arrangements…date TBD




Tuesday, April 9 (GCD Meeting)


Suspended Arrangement

Judged Competition


Details TBD



Tuesday, June 11 (GCD Annual Meeting)



Judged Competition


Two classes: “Home Grown” and “Store Bought”, plant material must be made up of predominantly roses (more than 50% roses), not to exceed 20” wide, no height restriction, container of designer’s choice.