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The GCD Conservation Committee is leading our club’s GCA Centennial Tree Project and using the money we raised from our last flower show to enhance the plantings at Weed Beach. This is part of the town's $3 million renovation of Weed Beach, one of our most beautiful public spaces. We have combined these two projects and will be planting the entranceway to Weed Beach which includes the gatehouse, the sign and the rise on the right of the entranceway. This project has been in the planning for over three years and we are excited about the prospects of planting this spring.

Our mission statement is: We will plant native trees and shrubs appropriate for a seaside location at the entranceway to Weed Beach in Darien, CT. We will educate the community about the importance of trees to the environment in keeping with the GCD’s long history of planting trees in our community.


Click on this link to download the Weed Beach plant list.


Fall 2013 Birdsong Conservation Exhibit

Fall Plant List

Spring Exhibit

Spring Plant List


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