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We are delighted to be heading up the Conservation Committee this year when there is so much interest in all matters conservation-related!

Our Club has recently voted to support BYO Darien, a group working to reduce the use of plastic in Darien. The group is starting with an effort to pass an ordinance that would phase out plastic and non-recycled paper bags in town. BYO Darien has undertaken a town-wide educational awareness program with schools, businesses and not-for-profits to ensure a common understanding of the problems associated with plastic and to promote a solution that works for everyone. Please see for more details. On this page, we have also included downloads related to the problems of plastic and ways in which you can reduce your consumption and a link to the GCA position paper on Waste Management which, among other things, seeks to: “Limit​ ​one-use​ ​plastics​ ​and​ ​single​ ​use​ ​disposable​ ​bags​ ​through​ ​community​ ​education​ ​and​ ​legislation”.

Another Club-supported project is the Pollinator Pathway, set to launch in Darien in the Spring of 2019. The Pollinator Pathway is an effort to create pesticide-free and pollinator-friendly landscapes using native plants. Many towns have established, or are in the process of establishing, their Pathways. The idea is to have the Pathways of neighboring towns connect to each other. Given that Darien has a coastline and is neighbors with Stamford, Norwalk and New Canaan, our Pathway is planned to cover the whole of the town! You can be a participant in the Pathway by agreeing not to use pesticides and to plant at least one native plant in your yard. For more about the Pollinator Pathway, please visit We will update this page with information about events and activities planned for the Pathway as they are formulated. In the meantime please download “The Healthy Yard” on this page and take the Healthy Yard Pledge on the GCA website at: conservation.

Don’t forget what Dr. Paul Cox told us in September at the showing of Toxic Puzzle: “We have proven a link between the health of the environment and human health.  This is not a theory, this is fact."

Juliet Cain and Leslie McCarthy


2013 Conservation Initiative

The GCD Conservation Committee lead our club’s GCA Centennial Tree Project and used the money we raised from the Birdsong Flower Show to enhance the plantings at Weed Beach. This was part of the town's $3 million renovation of Weed Beach, one of our most beautiful public spaces. We combined these two projects and planted the entranceway to Weed Beach which includes the gatehouse, the sign and the rise on the right of the entranceway. This project was in the planning for over three years

Click on this link to download the Weed Beach plant list.

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